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 The man born Abel Tesfaye

The man born Abel Tesfaye – better known as the Weeknd, began his profession as a mystery. His first mixtape,Home of Balloons, was released for free on his web site in March of 2011. The strapping was as gritty and dark becauseTesfaye’s voice was angelic, its sexual intercourse appeal came with a sidelong threat associated with violence. The combination was arresting; each and every corner of the music world perked upward its ears. MTV called it the Best album of the year. It got the co-sign from Drake. In the months which followed, he released two more totally free mixtapes, Thursday and Echoes of Silence, both of which dug even deeper in toTesfaye’s seedy, confessional world. Curiosity about who else, exactly, The Weeknd was skyrocketed, motivated by Tesfaye’s initial refusal to give any kind of press interviews or even show his encounter.
Source : www. theverge.com