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Lela Becker was born and grew up in northern California. Tim Kaeding was born in Chicago. at the beginning of his childhood he was obsessed by the design. Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding met each other and took their combined denim expertise to create Mother.

Mother Denim

Mother Denim website is an online retailer worldwide. It’s very Famous for its super-soft fabrics and irreverent attitude. their boutique is located in L.A and was a brand that is unique for its genius for keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes. This popular jean brand is MADE – IN L.A. that appeals to a wide range of women.  The Mother is a word that loads with innuendo as it is unconditional love, goes against the grain. the brand pushes technological boundaries when it comes to that signature soft denim, and pushes brand boundaries when it comes to, for instance, naming silhouettes (think cheeky: The Dropout Boyfriend, The Groupie). “We stand for having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously,” Lela says. What they do take seriously: staying modern and relevant amongst the best in fashion while giving women jeans fashion they can live in and look great in.

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